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3 Clues You’re Living Life on Purpose!

Ever wonder what is meant by ‘your-life-purpose’? It’s a term we hear a lot of these days as more and more people desire greater purpose, passion and authenticity in their lives. First, your life-purpose is multifaceted. Often we think of it in terms of our livelihood i.e. how will I make a difference in the world?  In addition to service, however, our life-purpose includes our healing, learning and the ability to live life joyfully. All four components are essential aspects to the overall purpose of our lives.

So how do you know when you’re awakening to a deeper aspect to your life-purpose? Well there are several clues to guide you along the way. One clue is a deep sense of restlessness, frustration and/or anticipation that something in your life is changing, or needs to change, even if you don’t quite know what it is. A second clue is a strong emotional reaction, often in the form of tears when you consider a particular issue or possibility. This is often accompanied by a sense of expansion within your heart.

Your life-purpose is reflected by the intersection of your passion (something the moves you), a talent (something your good at) and a need in the world. When these 3 components line up, a third and important clue is revealed; the synchronicities, flow and unexpected support that come when you move forward in the direction of your purpose.

This has been my experience recently through the discovery of another important aspect of my work. I have been moved deeply for some time to inspire hope, healing, wellness and resiliency for those dedicated men and women who serve and sacrifice for the public good. I am moved to tears when I hear of suicides and depression among veterans, police officers and those in similar professions. I am inspired by research that simple self-care techniques can make a powerful, positive, lasting impact. Thus it is my commitment to serve in a way the best meets the needs of those individuals who need it most.

I invite you to visit my new website at if you’re inspired to learn more.