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About Erika


Headshot3Erika’s passion and purpose is to inspire health, healing, wellness and resiliency for those dedicated men and women who serve and sacrifice for the public good. Whether healthcare professionals, Armed Forces Personnel, EMS, Firefighters, Police or those in Leadership positions, these professionals face a variety of demands and intense stress placing them at risk for chronic disease, stress, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and burn-out.

Erika’s programs use scientifically-validated techniques for self-care, self-expression, wellness and resiliency. Her powerful and inspiring programs are custom designed for each group – inspiring HOPE, healing, renewed joy for life and passion for service.


Erika served in Ontario hospitals during the SARS crisis and in Public Health during the H1N1 Pandemic. She learned of what it took for leaders and healthcare professionals  to serve effectively while under intense pressure and scrutiny.

She worked with healthcare professionals in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and saw the power of mind-body medicine to heal and transform those suffering from post-traumatic stress and burn-out.

In her role as a Provincial Health Care Specialist for the Ontario Ministry of Labour, Erika developed the 2013-2014 Plan to help eliminate injury and illness in healthcare workplaces.


·      Certified Exercise Physiologist

·      Registered Kinesiologist

·      Certified Health and Safety Consultant

·      Post Graduate Diploma – Clinical Behaviour Sciences – McMaster University

·      Coaching Diploma – Transformational Arts College

·      Certified Higher Ground Leadership Pathfinder

·      Professional Training in Mind-Body Medicine

·      Credentialed Meditation Facilitator

·      Facilitator – Canadian Society of Safety Engineering – Applied Risk Communication

·     25+ years of experience


Erika was awarded the Remarkable Service Excellence Program Director Award (2004 HealthCare Service Excellence Summit) and her team the Pinnacle Award for the Safety Wellness Excellence Council (2005 HealthCare Service Excellence Summit).

The Niagara Health System recognized Erika’s leadership accomplishments and presented her with the “Leading through Vision and Values” and “Building Strong and Successful Relationships” awards. 



·         Creating positive change within individuals and organizations using powerful, success-focused techniques.

·         Inspiring productivity and passion for service through leadership and team engagement, legacy and success coaching, and leadership and wellness retreats, programs, seminars and events.

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